allevamento Casa Dolcechihuahua

Allevamento Casa Dolcechihuahua

All of our Chihuahua ( adults and children ) living with us at “Casa Dolcechihuahua ” a great place nestled in the green hills just outside the city of Rome.We lead a healthy life, fresh air and clean. The sun …. and plenty of space to play, chase each other and do physical activities allow our chihua to grow stronger and with a strong constitution . All of our puppies grow together with other members of the small group until their complete independence , it should be this much also to the character of the puppy that does not suffer any trauma insulation , indeed much improved its ability to socialize and to express affection to the new owner and others like them .  In our farm there are no cages or other means of confinement similar ( pergiunta illegal) , our chihua should be free to run every day, of course, have a large space reserved just for them : a great structure and very cozy to sleep and shelter from bad weather etc … ( not less than 10 square meters for each room , according to the specific regulations ASL , ideal for easy and total daily hygiene ) In addition, each room there is a large outdoor space to use for the small garden chihua housed in the structure …. There will also be individual ” Studios ” for expectant mothers who , during the last stages of pregnancy , they want to stay a little ‘ peace separated from the rest of the group. All these rooms used to host our chihuahua at different stages of their lives are strictly according to law, have certification of Eligibility Health Specification and therefore are equipped with all the facilities provided to ensure comfort and hygiene to our little friends (including heating, ventilation, exhaust

allevamento casa dolcechihuahua

allevamento casa dolcechihuahua

sewage septic tank , fully washable surfaces , thermal acoustic insulation etc …) A healthy diet consists of the best feed designed specifically for small and careful hygiene surveillance , with frequent visits of our friend veterinary , complete our choice to live in our house Doilcechihuahua ..

 IMPORTANT: For your protection dog breeds bred (and therefore also for the chihuahua ) and especially to guarantee to our customers , we would like to clarify that we host in our breeding Chihuahuas only , no other race. This fact is in line with the guidelines issued of the most important associations ( ENCI Federfauna , Club Dog Company etc …) Good education begins here with us …..Since the puppy is able to move and walk alone ( at about 45 days oflife ) we act to give the educational Imprinting more correct , in order to improve its ability to socialize with people and with the environment that surrounds it. We also proccupiamo of ” shaping ” the character of the puppy, through a scientific method called ” Early Sensory Stimulation ,” which, if properly carried out since the early days of the puppy’s life , allows the formation a great character , a great ability to socialize with the ‘ human being , and an equally great potential for easy education in the future. It is also used to make his poo only at a particular point of his living space , on a mat hygienic, through the use of simple methods absolutely not bloody , which can easily be taken also by the future owner once the puppy is welcomed in a new home.

All this, as well as many other information and curiosity , are explained and illustrated in the delivery of the puppy, and our friends are very happy ….