Laila Casa Dolcechihuahua

Laila Casa Dolcechihuahua

Chihuahua in the round head and the characteristic shape of apple plays a predominant role in the judgment of typicality but not to neglect a good construction of trunk movements such as to enable agile and quick .

The stop is very pronounced , pronounced and broad as the forehead is rounded above the base of the muzzle , it must be short and slightly pointed . The closure of the teeth scissor or pincer bite , eyes wide, round shape , very expressive and never protruding. Ears broad, upright, widely open, large insertion , gradually tapering towards the tip is slightly rounded . At rest are inclined laterally and form an angle of 45 ° .

The neck is of medium length , slightly arched and a large collar is highly sought after.

The body is compact and well-built with the dorsal line straight , the steps are long, flexible , energetic and active with good reach and good drive . The movement remains elastic , loose and elegant, her head held high and firm back .

The Chihuahua can be a long-haired or short-haired , all colors are accepted with all possible shades and combinations , ENCI agrees and acknowledges also the couplings between subjects shorthaired and longhaired .

The breed chihuahua does not take into account the size , but only the weight that should be between 1.5 kg and 3 kg

Attentive, lively and very courageous, the Chihuahua is the companion dog par excellence , and despite the appearance of minute possesses great strength .


Lulu' Corte di Montezuma

Lulu’ Corte di Montezuma

It is an intelligent dog , which can move fast and snappy , very courageous and able to stand up to dogs much bigger ! Exceedingly fond of the master, not willingly tolerate strangers ( which makes it a good host in turn ! ) .

In Italy, the selection has achieved excellent levels mainly due to the constant commitment and dedication of experienced and passionate connoisseur of the race ( the first Italian breeders , well over 30 years ago , were : Del Pasador , the Court of Montezuma, De Fatis , Arrendene , and to follow those currently present .

In ancient times it was believed that this characteristic crack in the skull of chihuahua is always open , put them in direct communication with the gods emphasizing the divine and mystical dimension of these little creatures .

A peculiar characteristic of the breed is the typical sneeze that does worry many new owners often after drinking or at a time when it is particularly excited chihuahua reacts as if it were left breathless, neck stretches and moves quickly , his eyes are wide open with the gaze towards his master . A very effective remedy is to close the nostrils with your fingers to try to make it breathe through the mouth or throat massage .

Contrary to what you might think in this race there is no toy chihuahua , mini -toy , t -cup , fly , and the like , but the only chihuahua with a weight of 1.5 kg and 3 kg as required by the standard. The trend in recent years has contributed to the spread of Chihuahua , together with a high misinformation about race, has seen the proliferation of these names completely unrelated to the selection that are designed solely instrumental marketing.

chihuahuaLe origins origins of the Chihuahua lost in the past : one of the most reliable sources , some say the Chihuahua was a native of northern Mexico , specifically in the area exactly where the ancient city of Chihuahua is the capital , and those who claim to have been imported in the same area.