la tagli adel chiuhuahua

Chihuahua is already the SMALLER size example of the  dog’s breed ! In this race the classification of the weight follows a precise official standard ENCI which sets out the ideal weight between 1, 5 and 3 kg (especially for those who participate in exhibition races ) . For this reason, do not give credit to ads that show improper adjectives such as “toy ” or ” MiniToy ” that will offer puppies at low cost , but it’s very easy to find cheap puppies that are passed off as smaller sizes when in fact it is not so ( are underweight or malnourished as taken from their respective mothers at 40 days of life !) , just ask to see the natural parents to have suffered an exact comparison of how your puppy will be as an adult.

And remember :  pedigree in ever report  anything about  height nor weight .

For these reasons we recommend everyone to buy your puppy from breeders for your warranty , you can also see the natural parents of the puppy you are interested in : the puppy that you have chosen will have very similar morphological characteristics to those of the actual parents!