scelta cucciolo chihuahua


In this page you can find some tips or helpful hints to guide you better in choosing the most appropriate puppy for you and your situation in general. Please keep in mind that those who raise and grow different litters during the year, knows perfectly the various stages of the life of a Chihuahua and all of its needs , therefore , especially if you are the first experiences , rely on the advice of the breeder that, as in our case , it should deliver a puppy only Dapo have assessed whether it is appropriate to do so , to protect the mental and physical health of the little chihuahua .

We would like to point out that each puppy has its own character , and almost always the chihuahua puppy is a very sweet and well suited to the family , but they are not toys that can be programmed at will, then there is always to be borne in mind that not all puppies can respond the same way to different stimuli that come from the environment …. The patience in these cases is a must! Already in breeding receive the basics of basic education (eg, search of the mat hygienic, socialization with humans etc …) but the rest of the “work” it will be up to the future owner will have to continue teaching and education puppy with patience and dedication.

That said , here are some of our helpful tips to guide you in choosing the right puppy for you :

 • IMPORTANT: The well-being and health of the puppy is first of all for your puppy you claim the maximum guarantees healthful !

Male or Female ?

many of you are asking what are the merits or defects of character that is management of both sexes …. would be the same as humans do … we answer !For us, there would not be , or rather none of the two sexes particularly difficult objective …. but for those who just want a distinction , following elenchiemo some characteristics of both sexes who may clearer in doubt , if you have any, about the choice of the fair sex of your puppy :

 FEMALE CHIHUAHUA: these are the subjects that stand out for more initiative and independence. Suffice it to say that almost always , even puppies , are the first to scour the environment and eat alone in the bowl, thus inviting others to do the same thing …. As adults are the most nervosette of the group, also because of the heat ( become susceptible to everything and everyone in that period ) Establish a strong relationship with the boss almost morbid , especially of the opposite sex, and seem to have a stronger character and a highly developed sense of protection against the master. Obviously, given that go into heat twice a year for twenty days or so, you’ll have to do a little ‘more attention and leave them at home , because their pheromones can also be called dogs of large cuts exposing them to the risk of fights, pairs unwanted ,  … just let her spend that time at home, perhaps wearing a sanitary panty , and all will pass soon. If you choose it with the intention to make it even play it ( in due course) look for one that , as an adult , will have the opportunity to weigh not less than two pounds, below this threshold there would be many problems that only an expert can deal with … We remind everyone that all the females of the dog, but especially those of small breed like Chihuahuas, if they are not coupled in the early years of their life , they will go into hysterical pregnancy ( pseudopregnancy : physiological event in which the body of Cannetta mimics pregnancy with all the related hormonal changes , accompanied by swelling of the breasts and milky secretions , and maternal behavior in respect of an object that tend to lead in the kennel and defend )

Repeated pregnancies hysterical expose the onset of female reproductive cancer , so veterinarians recommend the sterilization of Cannetta .

 MALE  CHIHUAHUA:  If you’re the first experience , do not overlook the choice of a boy, primarily due to the fact that not having heat , will not present its problems and therefore it is easier to manage. Even their character is significantly more stable by failing hormonal excursions , and are often much more cuddly and sweet girls. Mark the territory peeing out of place if they enter into competition with other dogs, or if there are females in heat nearby. This phenomenon can ‘ be solved by sterilization of the subject. Regarding only the aesthetic appearance , often the males are the subjects that best show the aesthetic characteristics of the breed , and handed down to their offspring . We also started with a boy ( Merlin ) and we lived in an apartment in Rome , and we have not had any problems of management, of course , education is always at the base of a well-educated and well-trained dog ..

cucciolo chihuahua

i colori del chihuahua

i colori del chihuahua

LONG COAT : It is a little more challenging than short hair , does not require annual shearing treatments or complicated , but it’s just brushed and dried more carefully than the p.corto , of course tends to hold more dirt, for example when the chihua p . along frequents the parks or areas with vegetation , it can easily hold a few pagiuzza etc. … but just a spazzolatina and everything will go away !

After years of living with both types of hair, we have found that , in case you need a clean cloth tacked -haired , removes more easily than the long hair to short (because the latter slips deeper into fibers around here … )

SMOOTH COATH : is easily manageable , even just a damp cloth and pass a brushed and comes alive as after the bath … A little ‘ more stubborn to remove from fabrics because it is sandwiched between the fibers , but goes away with cleaning brush adhesive . There are those who prefer it because it would show fully the aesthetic features of the subject to short hair , but in our opinion, both are beautiful .


The table below shows the main colors of the coat of the Chihuahua , but from research done on the portal FCI / ENCI even emerge a more or less infinite number of shades, always resulting from genetic crosses of the main colors. In fact the standard of ENCI chihuahua is allowed and accepted any color (except Merle would seem to be connected in series and dangerous genetic defects and / or morphological that would compromise the health ) , at the same time is also allowed the reproduction between individuals of different color and of different types of hair ( short hair long hair x ) without any negative consequences at the level genotype and phenotype .Of course , by the law of genetics , some colors are more frequent since linked to a dominant gene (eg . Colors like black or tawny or honey ), while other colors are less frequent in occurrence because recessive genes linked to such eg pure white , blue , liver, choccolate and lilac .From then consider that almost all of these colors can appear on both the short hair on both the long-haired , without restriction of any kind.