We believe important that future owners of our puppies can ensure the total well -being.

 Precisely for this reason we host the cognitive and evaluative visits with prospective owners , and we strive to give all the information necessary to accommodate our educational puppy before, during and after delivery.

 In some cases , we reject the reservation request / sell the puppy, always informing applicants of correctness for the reasons that have led us to this decision … for example:

 - Requests by traders or shopkeepers different : we do not want our puppies end up in the dingy windows of shops and shopping centers , tortured by all passers-by, the same way the poor puppies Europe ! Never buy puppies in these places, this stops traffic !

 - presence in the new family of children too young : we believe that in general unsuitable for domestic cohabitation with a chihuahua puppy (because of its small size would be very vulnerable). Please note in this regard that , at the time of delivery (60-70 days) the chihuahua puppy weighs around 600 grams .

 - Requests by persons not directly involved in the adoption of the puppy as in the case of “gifts” to various occasions , without having precisely known and assessed the person to whom it would be for the poor puppy (who tells us that it is indeed a puppy wanted and not an entertainment momentary ? )

 - Requests from people who are for the most part of time away from home : thinking they can leave their puppy or adult dog alone in the house all day … you know that a puppy (of any breed and size ) must never be left alone for more than 2 -3 hours (a simple example : it could overturn the bowl of water and run out , drying out ) while an adult should not be left alone more than half a day, for themselves and for many other reasons , such eg : why take a chihuahua if you do not have the time to be with him ?

 - Requests for shipment of the puppy : absolutely never sell puppies to anyone if you do not at least know his fate , let alone shipping !

 And any other request : ex. People who do not allow us to learn about their experiences and or attitudes to the management of the puppy, or who simply do not have convinced us ….