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  Chihuahua & Papillon  – Enci & FCI  KENNEL 

Who we are …..


 “Casa Dolcechihuahua” Kennel was born thanks to our great love for all animals and in particular for our little Chihuahuas, the first of which arrived in 1998 (a splendid male short-coat called  Merlino)

Since then we breed this beautiful breed of little dogs, famous for being as small as they are brave!

We deliberately remain a small Kennel with an ENCI-FCI – CASA DOLCECHIHUAHUA – affixed recongized to the Enci- FCI Breeders Registry, with a few subjects but highly quality selected for genealogy, morphology, character and health.

Occasionally we plan litters: breeding is not our profession but our passion!

Our dogs are always born and grow in a family and domestic environment (there are no cages!) Constantly followed and educated by our care.

Our breeding has obtained all the regular municipal concessions and of the Veterinary ASL foreseen by the legislation of the sector to protect the psycho-physical well-being for home animals.

We try to select subjects that increasingly respect the aesthetic, morphological and character characteristics of the breed standard. Our dogs are constantly subjected to zootechnical verifications (Enci-FCI canine exposures) obtaining wide appreciations that affirm our good job of breed selection.

The dogs destined for an exhibition career are trained by us daily and introduced into the ring thanks to our qualification as a Professional Handler recognized by ENCI-FCI (Conductor-preparer for show dogs) obtained at the European Cynological Academy.

We recently introduced a second breed: the Continental Toy Épagneul – Papillon, which we will try to bring to the same quality level as our chihuahuas!

This is our way of breeding:

Gianni Della Smirra & Stefano Venturini

Casa Dolcechihuahua Kennel 


GENERAL APPEARANCE : This dog has a compact body. Of great importance is the fact that his skull is apple-shaped and that he carries his moderately long tail very high, either curved or forming the shape of a semicircle with the tip pointing towards the loin region.

IMPORTANT PROPORTIONS : Length of body slightly greater than height at withers. Desired, however, is an almost square body, especially in males. In bitches, because of the function of reproduction, a slightly longer body is permitted.

BEHAVIOUR / TEMPERAMENT : Quick, alert, lively and very courageous.


The Papillon is one of the two varieties of the continental dwarf Epagneul. This variety was originally born with hanging ears (Phalènes). Only towards the end of the 19th century was the variety with large, erect ears reminiscent of butterfly wings, and which gave the breed its name. The two varieties Papillon and Phalenè, can occur randomly in the same litter, as one descends from the other. According to many breeders, the Papillon is the smartest and easiest dog to train for all small dogs. Learn the new commands faster than any other race and therefore can be trained very easily.


Our kennel

Cages or other similar things of confinement do not existing our kennel !  Our chihuahuas must be free to run every day, obviously they have a large space reserved all for them: a large and very comfortable structure where to sleep and shelter from the weather ideal for an easy and total daily hygiene.


FEEDING: The best way to feed any dog, regardless of race, size or age, is always the dry industrial food in the form of a croquette. This food fulfills the total nutritional needs of the dog, be it adult or puppy, solving all the problems of “unbalanced diets” often prepared and packaged by the same masters in the home at the same time. In the croquette, the manufacturers have already thought of including all the nutrients, vitamins, mineral salts and fibers needed by the dog, and in recent years, the same industries have formulated increasingly specific feed for every need and type of dog, according to the breed of the dog, its size, age and its particular health needs (eg the curative feeds prescribed by veterinary surgeons), including the specific formulas to support the physical activity performed by the dog.

Visit us booking appointment

To request more precise and detailed information about the availability of a specific puppy, it is preferable to contact us by telephone.

Stefano Venturini

Gianni Della Smirra

San Cesareo - Roma

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