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This step must be done gradually as the puppy does not have a dentition adequate for good chewing , so you need to help with a food easily digested and assimilated without cause him difficulty of recruitment.Try to avoid if possible abrupt changes of quality and “brand ” of the feed you want to administer: this sudden change causes a lot of stress adaptation of the intestine of the puppy , so as to procure alterations such as diarrhea, alternating bowel , flatulence , in cases extreme abdominal colic type of gas.Until the fourth month of age should receive 3 meals a day , following administration of only 2 meals a day. Water always available throughout the day . We recommend that the owner of the puppy to feed at least until the first year of life with the special foods of high quality (specific for the good growth of the puppy ) . Following contact your breeder or vet for the choice of foods to maintain appropriate for the type of dog. In our farm , after careful consideration, in total agreement with our veterinary consultant , we have selected two lines of feed specifications for the small size which ensure a broad-spectrum coverage of all the needs of Chihuahua , at all stages of its life ( weaning , growth, maintenance , gestation and lactation , senility , etc. … )

In The event of a ” Lack of Appetite “

It can happen, especially in the early stages of weaning and growth, that your puppy posters episodes of loss of appetite, lack of appetite that is against the usual feed fed every day ( kibble , canned wet or pan etc …)In this case, our advice is to pay close attention to the puppy as prolonged fasting for over 24 hours is due to serious complications such as eg . : Hypoglycemia, hypoglycemic coma , dehydration, seriously threatening the very life of the puppy (as well as the adult dog in severe cases ) We recommend you to resume SUPERVISE the puppy to eat and drink within 24 hours, otherwise you need to consult your vet for a medical evaluation of the causes of fasting and the general state of health of the child. In order to encourage the recovery of the puppy appetite without causing intestinal disorders , it is possible to administer the segment .

– OR DOGS PUPPIES for Omoggeinizzati of various flavors

– Royal Canine ” Recovery” ( omoggeinizzato for dogs / cats)

– Hill’s “AD” wet cans ( omoggeinizzato for dogs)

– Chicken breast / turkey / always well cooked and boiled, without salt , and completely cleaned of debris assa , reduced to small pieces

The foods described above , being very fragrant and tasty , they are much more attractive than the pre-packaged food , and can help in all these cases where you need to “catch up” the appetite of the puppy or adult dog . We recommend you to NOT BASE entire feeding the dog sotanto on these foods , because in the long term may cause vitamin deficiencies and other important nutritional factors essential that instead are warranted in pre-packaged foods specifically designed for the type of dog. For this purpose , after the recovery of appetite and have thus avoided the risks of fasting , it is strongly recommended to back GRADUALLY administration of the product -mix , certainly complete and balanced , and would add a lot more practical .

Dangerous Foods to avoid:

Milk, cheese , sweets , raw meat and other animal parts , bones and the like poultry , fish with bones or spines insidious , all residues and waste from various cuisine , all feed poor quality ….. and what they eat human at the table !

Never give the puppy a habit of “begging food ” from your board : there will soon regret both in terms of health ( often bring him to the vet for intestinal disorders ) both in economic terms ( the visits of the veterinary surgeon are not free ! ) and in terms of bad behavior of the puppy ( is not pleasant , especially when there are guests, have a small chihua that moans and whines constantly until it falls some food from your table … in the end you will be forced to lock him up … and elsewhere this is certainly not what we want , right?)

Healtg Tips:

If possible, avoid contact of the puppy with other animals of dubious origin and avoid places frequented by them at least until the completion of the vaccinations. If your puppy does not eat or drink for a whole day and it is accomagnata from lack of vitality and / or lack of desire to play, killing, vomiting and / or diarrhea , immediately consult your veterinarian for a checkup . If you make a trip with the puppy you always think to arrange everything you need for him before leaving, and add a small amount of ” honey ” to be administered in case the puppy manifest symptoms due to hypoglycemia stress (see before leaving the your vet )

Remember, a puppy that is well and well fed will have no problem to travel (except maybe a little sore dìauto easily solved ) The honey appears to be an act of “first aid” for hypoglycemia faced by small puppies too old or gracilini , never heard that one of our kittens have had need of honey during the various trips , if anything, better to give him a omoggeinizzato for dogs small doses during the trip to not keep it completely empty stomach. Also make sure to always carry with you all the relevant documentation health of your pet , otherwise even the seizure of the dog if you will not be able to prove ownership , provenance , his state of health at the guards zoophilic . In some foreign countries , for expatriation or repatriation of the dog, the rabies vaccination is required by calling certificate from your veterinarian no more than 3 months old .To get around by car or public transport various Italian law provides that the dog should be kept in a kennel drive large enough to accept it without compulsion. Pay attention to air travel : Not all travel companies welcome your dogs , although small in size. We therefore advise you to inform you before your trip to book your room in the company of your 4-legged friend , eventually changed airline!

Hygienic Care of Chihuahua (puppy and adult)

and ‘ strongly recommended not to put the puppy in any kind of bath or sponging until several ‘ failed to complete the main course of vaccinations , which come true ‘ about the third month of age ‘ . Before this period, the priority ‘ of the puppy will not be’ sure to learn how to bathe , for this will have ‘ so much time available after vaccination and then even after consolidating his immune system and his physical strength in general.

Alternatively , if you really must , at this time you can use a special cloths or wipes for hygiene of the puppies that you can facilmentetrovare market, but limit yourself to pass on the most ‘ necessary areas such as peri- genital or paws or nose , where is in fact necessary. Let’s say that at the right time ( always take counsel with his breeder or veterinarian ) for the first time your chihuahuino should only do a before and delicate knowledge with the bathwater and its environment , never submit to psychological trauma which might compromise forever his relationship with this element. We therefore recommend that you do not fill the tank , at least for the first or second time, but to leave an inch of hot water with very little Shampoo for puppies, so as not to create too much foam that would be difficult to remove due to the shortage ‘ of rinse water . Do not ever wet the head of the puppy and adult dog because even just this gesture creates a feeling of suffocation due to the penetration of water in the upper airways through the nose and mouth, and also a feeling of occlusion and lightheadedness due to water that enters the ear canal , so the puppy would have an immediate reaction of uncontrollable fear and escape with the psychological trauma that you impedirammo for a long time riproporgli a similar situation (I think some dogs resent addiruttura the sound of water from the tap when subjected to awkward small bath ) Instead, try to get him to do a kind of knowledge sefosse with water as a kind of foot bath, while for the next time gradually increase the amount of water until you reach shoulder height and no further. Help yourself with a small container to pour water on the back of chihua but always be careful not pay water in the head or face , instead these areas use a sponge soaked and then squeezed , also removes impurities from the area around the eyes , buccal peri peri headset and nuchal . If you see that chihua have fearful reactions stop and soak it calm and soothing voice to calm them , to regain appenza you wash it in the tranquillizza.Piu , if you notice that your chihua trusts you and the water, you can begin to use the shower to rinse, but only if it creates the fear , otherwise Follow it with the container that you’ll need to collect water from the bowl and pour over chihua for rinsing. We brush our farm in chihua every 30-40 days in warm, heated by placing them in a small little profodo sink , and drying them before degliappositi with towels and then, just for the long hairs, pass through the drying hairdryer .

Even today some of our chihua sore like this last step because the hair dryer makes noise and annoys them very much, but a nice tidbit prize allacinedi all heartened them and everything ends smoothly. With regard to the products to be used , there are hundreds evariano depending on the mantle and the skin of your dog …. take counsel with your breeder , we use appropriate products for puppies very sweet and a little foamy -based colloidal oatmeal , for adults can use ordinary shampoo for dogs and often also add a small dose of marseilles soap that removes grease and enhances the cleaning action of the shampoo for dogs. Common sense , however, requires caution and above all take counsel with your breeder or veterinarian if there are specific situations that require different treatments.

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