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Papillon characteristics

Papillon Characteristics

Papillon Morphological Characteristics

The Papillon is a small dog that reaches a maximum height of 28 centimeters at the withers. Its appearance is fine and elegant, emphasized by a soft head and large butterfly-shaped ears, its well-known physical attribute.

It is a dog with a harmonious build, longer than high, with a lively and graceful but at the same time robust appearance. He has a proud bearing and a loose and elegant gait. The head is proportionate and the stop is quite marked but not too sharp. It has a small and round truffle, black and pointed, while dark eyes are large and almond-shaped, very expressive.

The ears of the Papillon dog are inserted rather back on the head and there are two types, which correspond to the two varieties of the breed:

Hanging ears (Phalene): inserted high, much more than the line of the eye. They are hanging and rather mobile, covered with wavy hair.

Ears erect (Papillon): inserted high with the pavilion well opened and turned sideways, with the inner edge forming an angle of 45º. The ears must not point upwards and are covered with long hair with hanging fringes that go beyond the edges.

Turning instead to the tail, we can say that it is rather long and high, provided with an abundant fringe that forms a plume. The feet instead are called “di hare” because they are long and well supported on the bearings.

As we said, the height at the withers is about 28 cm while the weight must not be less than 1.5 kg, but is divided into the category of less than 2.5 kg for both male and female Papillon, and in the category that goes from 2.5 kg to 4.5 kg for males and from 2.5 kg to 5 kg for females.

The hair of the Papillon is abundant, shiny and wavy, and does not have hair underneath. On the body it has medium-sized hair but extends over the tail, over the neck (where it forms a collar) and over the chest. It has long hair double fringes on the body made of soft hair on the ears and in the back of the legs, including the thighs.

Its coat is white with black, brown, red or sable spots. All colors are allowed on a white background, so it can show very different tones, even if on the body the white must be dominant. In any case, the lips, eyelids and truffles must be pigmented.

Papillon character 

each dog has a specific and defined personality that can vary depending on the education it receives. After a good socialization of the Papillon puppy, we will be sure to have a very intelligent and sociable dog, with a cheerful, friendly and curious character.

The Papillon is considered one of the most intelligent dogs in the world, quickly learns new games and new commands, so it is very easy to train. He is very helpful with children, he is not shy with strangers, and he is also happy with other animals.

He is a very affectionate dog and in everyday life he is also very devoted and eccentric, in fact he loves being pampered and filled with attention. The Papillon is a particularly playful and active dog, so it needs some of your time for walks and game sessions.

The Papillon dog is an excellent guardian and companion dog. You’ll be surprised to see how it warns you of any sound or movement near your home. To avoid problems with this inborn behavior of the dog, it is essential to deal with the bark in his puppy education.

Take a care of Papillon

To begin with, we focus on hair care: even though its medium-long coat seems to isolate it from the cold, the Papillon does not tolerate low temperatures. This is because, unlike other dogs, it has only one fur and is not provided with the layer in the under coat. For the same reason, however, it does not suffer excessively during the warm seasons. We must not overlook this aspect because it is susceptible to colds and tremors.

It is also important to take care of the hair, brushing it every day and using special products for long-haired dogs will help keep the coat extremely soft and without knots. Eye cleansing is also important to avoid the formation of watery spots.

Like all dogs, the Papillon also needs to exercise and walk every day. As we said, it is an active dog that needs play sessions to relate to the guardian and receive the stimuli he needs, given his remarkable intelligence. It is therefore important to perform mental activation games, either through intelligent toys, canine skills or olfactory games, to keep it active at a cognitive level.


Papillon Education

Many breeders confirm that the Papillon is among the smallest dogs, the most intelligent and easy to train. After having dealt with his puppy education, we can proceed by teaching him the different commands starting from the basic commands: sitting, stationary, earth, come here, paw and walk next to him.

Remember to use positive reinforcement, as the Papillon is a particularly sensitive and alert dog. Thanks to these small commands you can communicate more easily and cohabitation will certainly be happier and more harmonious. Besides learning quickly, he is also a great athlete and for this reason we find him in many agility dog championships.

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