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Pedigree is the official document in paper form issued by ‘ institution in charge ( in Italy is ENCI ) stating ‘ s membership of the subject matter of a particular race (sex, type of coat , etc. .. ) as well as the name and eventual posted enci recognition farm where he was born the puppy in question , proving the story of his descent . On this document , it is always reported the identification number of the implanted microchep the puppy , and the corresponding code (ROI Registry Origins Italian ) unique to each individual unit in writing to the register . It also includes a section of the Pedigree that certifies all races exhibition ( national and international ) incurred by its victory and overcome with relatives ( and by the same person if you can play expo enci ) in order to assess the quality and value of the line blood of the puppy you are purchasing ( for this pedigree is the main document required for access to the exhibition races ENCI without which no dog can ‘ compete ).

At the end of the Certificate of Pedigree there is a section devoted to transfers of property made ​​during the life of the dog. however, you make a lot of attention because, as is also the case for our identity documents, pedigrees are also exposed to the risk of counterfeiting : in many cases unwary buyers end up getting behind exorbitant expenditures of facsimile of the pedigree, specially printed by the seller of the puppy to increase the value of its sales and scam you under your eyes.

To avoid scams or disappointment, dont deliver a copy of the form A (complaint stud ) or model B ( entry of the puppies in the book of origins ENCI LOI ) that the breeder MUST have made ​​at the local delegation ENCI , and ask yourself a confirmation of what is shown on these forms to the same delegation ENCI , you will see the surprises will surface and you will not have spent money unnecessarily.

1 ) Pedigree is not a guarantee of health status or the size that will take the puppy to adult.

In fact the pedigree (both ENCI both FCI) has never shown neither the weight nor the size that will take the puppy , nor other features like his character , temperament, etc. …

2 ) a puppy does not have a pedigree ( even if your eyes is the most beautiful baby in the world) is not considered a purebred dog , it will never produce offspring with pedigree , let alone participate in the expo ENCI , and therefore can not ‘ have a commercial value, as well as legally and practically it is a half-breed.


However, serious contact with farms that select only this race, with bloodlines certified and proven , and always ask to see and obey even the natural parents (not alleged) of the subject you have chosen … the puppy will have very similar characteristics mom and dad natural . There is also the possibility that you may find of pups born to parents with pedigree but which were not intended for exhibition career (due to the presence of small morphological defects that affect the aesthetic value ), so you define those ” pet ” and often have the lowest prices of the other puppies without blemishes .

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