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Sunday, 05 November 2017
2:00 PM – 3:30 PM
Mas Montagnette,
198 West 21th Street, NY

+1 843-853-1810

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Why a Chihuahua


Vieni Da Me Casa Dolcechihuahua.

Talk to serious breeding recognized ENCI and especially devoted exclusively to kind race in question ! A serious breeding must also and above all respect those basic requirements that ensure the health and the physical and psychological integrity of the dogs housed . Therefore a serious breeder should not breed at the same time more than one or two breeds , keeping a limited number of copies to avoid all problems resulting from overcrowding

How to recognize a good breeder ? : Before purchasing visit the farm: dogs must be housed in clean and bright , they must have at their disposal adequate green area in which to run and play . ” Remember that the puppy , by law, can not be sold before they have completed 60 days of life : in this way the breeder will have had the opportunity to follow the dog in the process of imprinting and complete the first and second round of vaccinations. ” a good breeder will follow you around the path of the dog’s life : before the assignment will give you precise instructions on feeding and care of the puppy and will always be available to give you the information necessary to address the various problems that may arise over the years .

Evelin Casa Dolcechihuahua

Ivonne Casa Dolcechihuahua

Who raises the dogs with knowledge of the facts and respect , providing the best , can not produce more than a certain amount of puppies if he wants to take care of them properly, and can not raise more than one or two breeds in the same herd. For those who want a dog then say : carefully identified the breed that best suits your features, identify the suitable breeding and wait with confidence that your puppy is born and grows with her mom , followed by the eye of experienced and competent ‘ breeder.

DO NOT TAKE PUPPIES in all those places where they are exaggerated held a multitude of dog breeds all together, often locked up in squalid environments without air or natural light or in cramped cages , where the hygienic conditions are non-existent and the dogs will surely be sick ( those place are called Puppy Mills )

Always be wary of who offers beautiful puppies tailored and ready at any time and place …. these are the characters of dubious reliability that do not grow at all the poor puppies but they buy them or import them illegally from Eastern Europe or other criminals like them … that’s why we offer all year round and especially puppies are always ready at ridiculously low prices!


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