costo chihuahua

There are two fundamental types of purebred puppies , hence the significant difference in the final cost :

Chihuahua  Pet puppies

Are those puppies for which the breeder does not provide the show career because they have aesthetic defects or morphological that take them away from the breed standard. The availability ‘ of these puppies is ‘ therefore only occasional and unpredictable , precisely because it is a fact decided by the farmer but by nature that determines the appearance of a puppy rather than another , that from which it derives its listing . In our kennel , puppies called ” Companion ” have a price starts from Euro 800/00 and varies according to sex and morphology of the puppy the same ( more or less important defects etc. .) Are in each case delivered with all the medical documentation the certifying veterinary vaccinations , health status etc … (so you will not save on the health of the puppies , but the kit documentation more or less incidental !) are the most popular puppies from their families and all those people who want to have a chihuahua in good quality, excellent health , and intend to do live peacefully outside the ring exhibition to the delight of everyone, including chihuahua !

Chihuahua Promising puppies (no defects )

Those puppies are morphologically correct then that fall within the requirements of the breed standard, therefore, appear to be more ‘ typical and most valuable of the entire litter ( said just promising ) . In our breeding puppies Comers have a cost that starts from Euro  1200/00 , the cost varies according to sex , blood line of descent, and especially aesthetically –  morphological puppy in question.

They are in fact only these puppies to have the potential opportunity to pursue a career expo and / or reproduction in accordance with the aspirations and ambitions of the owner.

Explains the ” COST ” Dolcechihuahua’ puppies :

Almost all the litters of Chihuahuas are born with so much physical and economic commitment on our part.

Therefore each puppy already has its own specific “cost” even before birth , which then must be added the costs of running their mothers and a whole series of additional, subsequent veterinary checks paperwork and various ….

You must also consider that the litters of the breed , compared to the other , they have a limited number of births ( a pinscher toy or another dog arrives safely give birth to 5 puppies, a chihuahua just 1-3 and we are already excited ! )

This means that certain costs of trading (eg, medical and animal feed ) and those extraordinary costs (eg, pre-or post-natal checks , caesarean section , ultrasounds , medications, hospitalizations in the clinic , etc. … ) fall of 1-3 pups instead of 4-8 or even more – as in the case of other dog breeds.

The veterinary care for a litter of Chihuahua , you must extend over at least three days for the many difficulties that children can present in the postpartum period , including care for small moms who are often exhausted and in need of support and medical and veterinary checks .

Whenever you are required to take shifts guarding in the delivery room , both for the period of the impending birth , and after the mother has given birth, to make sure that the puppies receive all the attention and care owed ​​by the mother, but often willingly happens that after a complicated birth tiring, that care should be provided primarily by the farmer who then activates shifts once every two hours for the control of feeding, pup weight , the abdominal massage for evacuation and cleaning sphincter and Dressing in general and much more …

It would also be appropriate to consider that our chihuahua adult specimens there are , so to speak , fallen from the sky …. but we also, at the time, we bear the cost of their purchase from esteemed farms , both Italian and foreign.

Know that the first possibility of giving birth to a female chihuahua , comes after the second or third heat (around 2 years of life ) just so happens that the proceeds from the sale of her first litter should be to cover only part of the costs incurred up to that time farmer …


Not all puppies may then be available for sale , in fact the first to say we did our veterinary , if not located in a perfect state of health of the baby, we do not deliver the relevant documents , then we must keep up to date to be (unless it gets worse or even worse until death )

Other times, for the same soprazzivenza of our small farm , we must reserve some puppy to relieve their respective parents who go into “retirement” , while remaining here with us ( but sterilized to prevent excessive stress reproductive )

Finally, a breeder that does not exploit its too small mothers give birth to avoid a chihuahua over the sixth – seventh year of life … reserving them for the rest of his life over a long period of rest .

This means that , throughout his life, chihuahua should not breed more than once a year , being able to rest between birth and the other one or even two heats , and if there has been a ” Caesarean ” his reproductive life must stop at the second or third highest birth , not to submit to dangerous complications that veterinarians and breeders know

Precisely because of this fact, we do not have puppies available throughout the year , but only when our mom is ready and our veterinary tells us that you can program a pair

This absolute respect for the physical and mental health of our young chihua , carefully avoid all stress and especially avoid excessive pregnancies.

The Result: strong mothers who breastfeed for so long, vigorous and healthy puppies

The highest health guarantee for all puppies and security of not having any unpleasant surprises for the future owners … and we are all a bit ‘ happier ….