Dylan Casa Dolcechihuahua

Dylan Casa Dolcechihuahua


The Chihuahua dog appears to be the most adaptable to domestic life , both for its tiny size which cause less discomfort than dogs of larger size , both for his habits of pet dog, specially selected for thousands of years for this purpose.

 It is usual to associate with the smallest dog in the existing FCI recognized breeds a weak character , in need of special care and attention , a bit hysterical , shaky , noisy and even annoying.

 In fact he loves the family and family life in general, is extremely sensitive to everything that happens within the household in which they live . Attentive , lively, playful and full of life , is a dog with a strong personality , has a lively intelligence, although sometimes turns out to be a bit stubborn.

The Chihuahua loves the company of his fellows is usually live in small flocks by establishing a strict hierarchy that allows a serene and peaceful coexistence.

She loves the summer and spring seasons in which he enjoys playing chase their peers outdoors. He does not like the cold and winter tends to fall asleep next to heat sources.